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Spring Maven Project

In this topic, we will learn to create a simple maven based Spring project. Maven is automation tool which acts as dependency manager for Java applications.

So, let's start with creating a simple project but before that make sure you have setup development environment for Spring and installed Eclipse, Java, and Apache Tomcat Server.

If you have not setup environment yet then we recommend you to read our previous topic.

Step1: Create Maven Project

Open Eclipse and clike on File menu and then select New --> Maven Project as we did in the given screenshot.

first spring project using maven

After selecting maven, it will open a window like below and will ask to select archetype. Here, we clicked on Checkbox and then press next button.

first spring project using maven

Step 2: Configure the Project

Set project name by providing group id and artifact id. Artifact id represents the project name, So give a meaning name for your project after that select packaging that specifies the plugin goals that are executed during each Maven build phase. After that press Finish button and your maven project is ready.

first spring project using maven

Maven Project Stucture

After above step, Eclipse creates a new project that look like the below screeshot. This project contains a pom.xml file that is used to configure maven project. We will discuss that later in our tutorial.

first spring project using maven

Fine, till here, we have created a maven based spring project successfuly. Now, in next chapter, we will learn to create a simple hello world application to understand the flow and structure of the application.

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