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How to Install Ruby

In this tutorial we will learn how to install Ruby on our local system. We will be covering the installation steps for the following two operating systems:

  1. Installation on Windows
  2. Installation on Mac

Ruby: Installation on Windows

To download ruby, go to

Installing ruby

Download the latest version of Ruby. The one which is in the top most is the latest. You can download either Installers or Archive file. But it is good to download the Installer.

For 64 bit operating systems, download installer that end with (x64). After downloading the exe file, double click to open the file.

Choose the Language.

Installing ruby

Click "I accept the License".

Installing ruby

Browse and select the desired installation path you want. But it is recommended to install on the default directory. And Check the 3 options below :

  • Install Td/k support
  • Add Ruby executables to your PATH
  • Associate .rb and .rbw files with Ruby installation

And click Install.

Installing ruby

You will see the installation progress bar. Once it is complete, click Finish.

Installing ruby

Ruby: Installation on Mac

Ruby is pre-installed on Macintosh. So don't need to go through installation procedures.