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C++ Program For Count A Character In File Using File

In this tutorial, we will be learning how to count a character in a file using the file.

C++ Program For Counting a Character in File Using File

Before moving to the implementation part, let's first understand the working of the algorithm:

First, we have to create a file with the extension (like .txt) after that by using the program we have to print the file on the console screen.

using namespace std;
int main()
        ifstream  fin("read.txt");
        char ch;
        int i, c=0, sp=0;
                if((i > 63 && i < 91) || (i > 96 && i < 123))
                        if(ch== ' ')
        cout<<"\n No. of Characters in a File : "<<c;
        cout<<"\n Space between the Words     : "<<sp;
        return 0;

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No. of Characters in a File : 26

Space between the Words :2


Here, in this tutorial, we have implemented counting the occurrence of any character in a file using files.

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