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C++ Program To Print A Full String Input using Keyboard

In this tutorial, we will understand that how to write or take input a full string usig the keyboard.

Program To Print A Full String Input Using Keyboard In C++

Before moving to the implementation part ,let's first have a absic look on what is string in C++.

String is a collection of characters. There are two types of strings commonly used in C++ programming language:

  • Strings that are objects of string class (The Standard C++ Library string class)
  • C-strings (C-style Strings)
using namespace std;
int main()
  char a[20];
  int i,j;

  cout<<"\n\nEnter The String: ";
  cout<<"\n\nYour Entered String is Given Below \n\n";

 return 0;

Enter The String: Studytonight

Your Entered String is Given Below



Here, we have learnt the basic approach and C++ program implementation of strings that how can we input the strings using characters as a datatype.

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