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How to install applications in Linux?

In Windows operating systems every application comes with a setup file along with a .exe extension that becomes much easier to install. but on the other hand in Linux-based operating systems, it becomes different to install.

In Linux distros, there are three different methods to install the application.

  1. Using Terminal.
  2. Using Software center.
  3. Using snapcraft & other package managers.

Install programs in Linux using Terminal (CLI)

For installing applications in Linux we are using Ubuntu Linux to install an application and these methods are with Ubuntu Linux-based operating systems such as Zorin OS, Linux Mint, and Pop OS.

Step 1. Go to terminal

For installing an application through the terminal, first of all, we need to open the terminal by using the shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+T or going into your Dashboard and searching for Terminal.

Open terminal shell in ubuntu linux

Step 2. Get a specific command name to install.

Linux has a huge list of commands. run apt update && apt list | wc to get exactly the available commands in your apt repository (mine has 74909 commands). So it is really hard to remember these commands. There are some cool ways to find the desired command or tool to install.

apropos the command helps when you know a few keywords related to the command that define its uses or functionality. It searches the Linux man pages with the help of the keyword provided by the user to find the command and its functions.

If you don't have one, you can make it. Get information about the tool with apt show tool_name | grep Description . Now you can use some basic BASH skills to get more info about programs.

Use apt list | cut -d '\' -f1 | xargs apt show | grep Description 2>/dev/null and then grep any keyword for more results.

Step 3. Install one or multiple software

For example, we are installing a VLC media player. type this command sudo apt-get install vlc to install the VLC player. (No need to use sudo prefix if you've root user privileges)

sudo apt install vlc

and enter your sudo password (your password isn't visible and no hidden sign *)

apt: please enter your password

after a few moments later a question appears in your terminal

Do you want to continue?

press Y follow with the enter key as shown in the above image.

Now your application is visible in your dashboard.

How to Install programs in Linux using the Software center

In Ubuntu Linux, there is a utility application Ubuntu software that is used for software installation. This is the easiest way to install applications.

Step 1. Go to the application/software store.

Search Ubuntu software on the dashboard as shown in the picture.

Open ubuntu software center

Step 2. Search and install programs with ease.

ubuntu software center dashboard

Select your desired application you can also choose by categories either search application entering the name in the search bar. Once you have found the application you are looking for, simply click on it. This will open a page inside the Ubuntu software center with a description of the application. Click install to install the application on your computer. You can also submit your valuable feedback and rate the applications.

note - Authentication is also required for installing an application so you have to enter your password to install the application.

Install programs in Linux using Snapcraft

snap is a software packaging and development system developed by Canonical for the Linux operating system with the help of snap store developers that can publish their applications directly to users.

Install snap software environment on Ubuntu

In Ubuntu 16.04 and older versions, we need to install snaps packages; all the latest Ubuntu and its derivatives are by default supported. Open the terminal and run this command to install the snap package management environment.

$ sudo install snapd

Then after we can install the application using the snaps command from the software website. (make sure that snapd daemon is running)

$ sudo snap install <package>

for making the concept clear we are installing VLC using snap

Open terminal and Enter this command.

$ sudo snap install vlc

A few moments later, the VLC media player will be installed.

Installing vlc with synaptic (snapd)

Now VLC media player is installed in your Ubuntu operating system you can find it in your dashboard.


Now you have learned three different ways to install all popular tools in Linux easily using command-line package managers and software stores.

About the author:
Pradeep has expertise in Linux, Go, Nginx, Apache, CyberSecurity, AppSec and various other technical areas. He has contributed to numerous publications and websites, providing his readers with insightful and informative content.