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Line Configuration in Computer Networks

A Network is nothing but a connection made through connection links between two or more devices. Devices can be a computer, printer or any other device that is capable to send and receive data. There are two ways to connect the devices :

  1. Point-to-Point connection
  2. Multipoint connection

Point-To-Point Connection

It is a protocol which is used as a communication link between two devices. It is simple to establish. The most common example for Point-to-Point connection (PPP) is a computer connected by telephone line. We can connect the two devices by means of a pair of wires or using a microwave or satellite link.

Example: Point-to-Point connection between remote control and Television for changing the channels.

wire link in computer networks

microwave link in computer networks

MultiPoint Connection

It is also called Multidrop configuration. In this connection two or more devices share a single link.

There are two kinds of Multipoint Connections :

  • If the links are used simultaneously between many devices, then it is spatially shared line configuration.
  • If user takes turns while using the link, then it is time shared (temporal) line configuration.

Multipoint connection in computer networks